Free article: Neighborhood context and abuse among immigrant and non-immigrant women in Canada

In every issue, the Editors in Chief of the International Journal of Public Health, choose an article of outstanding scientific quality and public health relevance and offer it to the readers free of charge!

In the latest issue, our Editors chose the study by Dr. Nihaya Daoud and colleagues examining the neighborhood context and abuse among immigrant and non-immigrant women in Canada. This study linked data from the Maternity Experiences Survey to census data and compared the prevalence of abuse between immigrants living more than 5 years in Canada, immigrants living less than 5 years in Canada and non-immigrants.

The authors report that migrant women were less likely to experience abuse. This effect was more pronounced for migrant women living in low income and high immigration neighborhoods, irrespective of length of stay in the country.

The authors conclude that interventions to reduce abuse among immigrant women need to consider neighbourhood’s socioeconomic position and concentration of immigrants.

Download the full text of the paper in html or pdf format and let us know what you think!

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