Public Health Fun- Update!

A while ago, we published a post about the use of games in Public Health education. As google analytics tell me, there are quite a lot of people who have been looking for “public health games” so I thought it would be useful to see if I can find some more!

Well, I was not as lucky as the first time around, but I do have something new for you! Bioterrorisk which is described as “a case-based, mini-course in hazard recognition, inter-agency communication, risk assessment, and risk communication for the public health workforce”.

This game (like some of the ones at the previous post) has been developed by the University of Illinois at Chicago and its objectives are to help you recognise a bioterrorist even, identify your role in dealing with it, establish communication, follow the appropriate protocol and communicate with the public.

Seem like a lot of targets, but I think it is a well designed “game” that at least offers a taste of all the above!At the start of the game you choose if you want to be a clinician, a lab professional or a public health official and I suppose that the game is afterwards sort of customised for each role. The game contains slide shows and quizes and there are explanations about why an answer was wrong (I answered wrong in purpose, just to test it…really….).

All in all simple, relatively fast, informative. A good way to spend some time online! What do you think?

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