Our summer article collection!


As the IJPH Blog will soon take a holiday, we’d thought we leave you with a small collection of articles related to summer and heat!

– A review on Public health impact of global heating due to climate change: potential effects on chronic non-communicable diseases by Professor  Tord Kjellstrom and colleagues, which reviews available evidence and emphasizes the research gaps in this area

– A study by Professor Inés Gómez-Acebo and colleagues, exploring the relationship between extreme temperatures and mortality in Spain

– A study exploring the effect of temperature on hospital admissions in 9 California counties, conducted by Rochelle Green and colleagues and concluding that increases in temperature have important public health impact on morbidity

A  survey on awareness and practices of health professionals on minimizing harm from heatwaves in Australia, conducted by Professor Joseph E Ibrahim and colleagues

– Α brief report by Sumi Hoshiko and colleagues, outlining a method for estimating excess mortality due to heat waves

We hope tha you will find these articles interesting! Let us know what you think and have a great and safe summer!




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