Public Health Fun is back!


“Was it ever gone”? I hear you ask. Hopefully not from our lives; but it was gone from the blog so I thought it was about time for an update! (if you have missed the previous posts go here, here, and here. And make sure you come back here afterwards).

I have some new public health games for you (or your children!).

Let me start by a website that offers simple yet fun and educational games. There are different categories of games to choose from and every category has games on different topics. Granted, the games are history related (as the name of the website clearly suggests!) but there are some that focus on public health history! Why don’t you try to fling the teacher answering questions on medicine and public health for instance? Or play great plague-related hangman? These games are clearly made for children (the suggested age range for each game is indicated in the index of the various game categories). They are simple and have fun graphics. The website has many other resources like lessons, presentations etc that might worth having a look (I haven’t yet). And if you are feeling creative, you can even try to make your own games (with some free options available)!

To keep some kind of balance, I also have a more “sophisticated” game for you today: Disaster hero! You can play this game even without registering (but if you register you can save your scores, which I guess might be important for some people). The graphs are quite nice, there is music and it combines the fun with the educational element. You can customize the way the player looks and then you choose against which disaster hero to play (disaster heros are specialized against one disaster like hurricane, earthquakes etc). Even if this game is designed for children, I quite enjoyed playing it! Try it out and let me know what you think!

I also have a mystery game: Where in the world is Dr. Salus Dynamica Mundi. It took me ages to figure out if this website is the actual game (I have a low level of patience when things like games are not so obvious). I tend to think that this website is the actual game and that the game is mostly based on videos. If anyone has more patience to check it out, I would appreciate your feedback!

Have a go and let me know! Do you know of any other public health related games that escaped my search?





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