Public Health fun! Favourite festive goodies!



Ho, ho, ho! This is our last post for 2013 and we are in a festive mood. In case you have not noticed, here is a selfie for you:


Apart from our best wishes for the upcoming holidays and new year, we thought we’d look around a bit for public-health related holiday goodies. So here are out top 4 (like in 2014– see what I did here?)


1. Festive Calendar from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) -featuring various health related trivia and not only . I know. Advent Calendars start on December 1st. I admit I might be late (although I did tweet about it!) but look on the bright side: you can open at least 17 doors at once! (spoiler alert: you can -in fact- open all the doors). Can’t get enough? Then have a look at the evidence-based advent calendar from Cochrane. Exciting, isn’t it? (if you replied no, Santa will put you on his black list).

2. Talking about Santa. Who remembers this paper published by the Christmas version of the BMJ, where poor old Santa was considered responsible for obesity, smoking and drunk-driving. Thankfully, his GP offered another perspective for his condition.

3. What would these days be without singing? If you think you are too old or too serious to be singing Christmas songs, think again! The CDC has its own version of the 12 days of Christmas song, which they call 12 ways to health song. Sing it along here

4. What would an upcoming New Year be without new year’s resolutions. We all do them and a lot of them are related to a healthier lifestyle (I won’t drink too much. I will eat more fruit. I will exercise more. I will….). The CDC offered some healthy tips for keeping the resolutions of 2013 (applicable to every year, mind you) and the NHS also aspires to help you keeping your resolutions.

As for me, I have only one resolution this year:


Happy holidays everyone! See you in 2014! 🙂












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Sarah Chapman

Thanks for sharing our evidence advent calendar! We’ve had a lot of fun with it. Enjoyed the other links you’ve given here too. Happy Christmas from all of us at the UK Cochrane Centre.