Study confirms higher rates of some cardiovascular risk factors in Roma compared with non-Roma.

As we have discussed in a  previous post,  the health of Roma population is reported to be worse compared to the health of non-Roma population.

We have just published another study on Roma health in Slovakia, looking into the cardiovascular risk profile of people living in Roma settlements, as compared to the majority population in the country.

This study also uses data from the HepaMeta study and compares data from 425 Roma living in settlements and 403 non Roma. The results confirmed higher rates of some cardiovascular risk factors like obesity (especially in women) and smoking. These results call for specific interventions aiming at decreasing these risk factors and increasing health literacy amongst Roma.


This study was conducted by Ingrid Babinksa, Zuzana Dankulincova Vaselska, Daniela Bobakova , Daniel Pella, Salvatore Panico, Sijmen A. Reijneveld , Peter Jarcuska , Ivan Zezula , Andrea Madarasova Geckova and the HepaMeta team




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