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The HPV vaccination , i.e. vaccination against Human Papilloma virus which causes most cases of cervical cancer, has recently gained fresh news coverage due to various reasons. First off, researchers identified cervical cells most susceptible to HPV infection; a few days ago Professor Ian Frazer -the creator of the vaccine- has been appointed a Companion in the Order of Australia (AC), for ’eminent service to medical research; and finally today we read about the onset of a campaign that asks that gay men are also vaccinated against HPV.

Here at the International Journal of Public Health, we have recently published a few relevant articles, ranging from inequalities in cervical cancer screening (in 67 countries and also in Eastern Europe)  to men’s attitude towards it (being fathers or not necessarily) and to country-specific issues (being coverage within the first 3 years of vaccination program launch or simulations of the impact of different vaccination policies).

Last year, we published a study evaluating the cost-effectiveness of the vaccination in France, using a generally applicable succinct cohort model. This study – which is available to download free of charge!- has shown that HPV vaccination would be a cost-effective policy option in France and that the model used can be applicable to other countries and settings.

Earlier this year, the same team published another article evaluating the cervical cancer reduction at individual and population level following different prevention strategies (age-specific vaccination and/or screening) in France. This study found that HPV vaccination offers additional protection against cervical cancer when combined with screening.

Let us know what you think about your articles and your opinion about HPV vaccination!




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