New special issue: Communication Technology, Media Use and the Health of Our Kids

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Who amongst us – parent or not- has not wondered what are the effects on using computers, mobile phones and the internet for children and young adolescents? The media certainly talk about the subject (here is the most recent example!) Children and young adults seem to constantly use them- at home, at school, while socializing sometimes even while walking. What effects could that have on children’s health (positive and negative)?

Our Editors Andrea Madarasova-Geckova and Thomas Abel opened a call for papers in our Journal a while ago and asked authors to submit their work on relevant issues. After a great response, peer review and careful consideration, we are very proud to announce the publication of a special issue, dedicated to communication technology, media use and children’s health.

This special issue is opened by Editorials by Sonia Livingstone and Anna Ševčíková and followed by 16 Original Articles covering a variety of subjects (substance use, depression, mobile phone use, cyberbullying, excessive internet use, life satisfaction and more) and a variety of geographical areas (ranging from various European countries, to North America, Australia, Taiwan, Israel and Brazil).

You can read the table of contents here! We look forward to your feedback!

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