Weighted effect coding masterclass: watch online!


Do you remember our recent post about the advantages of weighted effect coding in observational studies? The first author of the two relevant papers, Manfred te Grotenhuis, was invited to present the 2 papers in a lecture at the Radbout University in the Netherlands.

Wish you were there among the 100 student audience? We can make it happen! The lecture was filmed and uploaded on youtube in two parts. Watch the first part here and the second part here! Manfred makes a great presentation and I highly recommend watching it (even if statistics scare you a bit, like myself!)

Remember that you can download the two relevant papers for free! (click here for the first paper and here for the second paper)

Don’t forget that weighted effect coded variables interacting with interval/ratio variables are now added to the R package ‘wec‘ and available in SPSS syntax on the accompanying website


Read, watch and let us know what you think! If you have additional questions please ask and we will forward them to Professor te Grotenhuis!

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