Walking in the editors’ shoes! Course on peer-reviewing and journal editing for young researchers in health sciences

When you read a scientific paper or when you write one yourself, have you ever wondered what happens on the other side? What exactly do reviewers and Editors do? How do they make their decisions? What constitutes a good peer-reviewer? And how does an Editor chose what will finally get published? Sometimes you might have thought that you would be a better reviewer or a better journal editor. But there might be skills required you are not aware of and challenges ahead you might not have imagined. Would you like to learn more?

We are happy to announce the upcoming course called “Walking in the Editors’ shoes: Peer reviewing and journal editing for young researchers in health sciences”. This course is offered by the PhD Program in Health Sciences of the University of Basel and it is aimed at early career scientists (PhD students and postdocs) who might be involved in manuscript peer review as authors and reviewers. It offers both theoretical background and hands on training in evaluating manuscripts in all stages of peer review. From prescreen to final decision, the course offers the possibility to take the role of reviewer, handling editor and even editor in chief! The course participants will have the chance to get a glimpse of the insights of the work done by using real world examples from an interdisciplinary public health journal (ours!). One of our Editors in Chief, Nino Künzli and our Managing Editor, Anke Berger will be teaching in this course!

With this course you will:

  • Learn about pre-screen and peer-review criteria
  • Get trained to write useful reviews
  • Learn how to evaluate revisions, take decisions on manuscripts and communicate them appropriately
  • Learn best practice standards in scientific publishing
  • Get familiar with tools to handle misconduct
  • Understand editorial strategies to increase the impact of a journal
  • Get informed about the latest trends in peer review and scholarly publishing
  • Improve your reviewing skills
  • Prepare for an appointment as associate editor

Want to have more details on this course? Then have a look at the course flyer! If you want to attend, make sure you register by 15 September 2018 following this link!


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