Our new issue is out! Smoking, inequalities in health, breast cancer screening and more!


We are happy to announce the arrival of the last IJPH issue of 2015 (by the way: where did this year go?!)

In this issue we have two Editorials. One of those led to a debate regarding bibliometry and was followed by a letter to the Editor. We also published 3 original articles on smoking (in Chinese adults, adolescents and smoke-free policies in the hospitality industry).

Our Editors’ choice article for this issue is a Review on breast cancer screening in England and the USA. You can access this article for free here!

This issue also inludes two papers on inequalities in health (educational and social) as well as an article on main mean frequency measures from the HBSC study. Two of our papers focus on mortality, namely suicide mortality and infectious disease mortality.

Finally, we have two papers focusing on Africa: one about community water schemes in Ethiopia and one about family planning and contraceptive use in postpartum women in Uganda.

Have a look and let us know what you think! What would you like to see in our upcoming issues?

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