Equity in maternal health care utilization in developing countries: a systematic review


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A few weeks ago, we announced the winner of our call for reviews on Global Health. Since we had a lot of very good submissions, we thought it’d be fair to feature some more of them, starting with the runner up!

Zafer Çalışkan, Dilek Kılıç, Selcen Öztürk and Emre Atılgan from  Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey wrote the second best review (details on the voting procedure here) entitled “Equity in maternal health care service utilization: A systematic review for developing countries“.  Congratulations!

In this systematic review, 33 out of 36 included papers showed evidence supporting severe inequalities in maternal healthcare service utilization. The remaining three studies showed evidence of equity or at least improvement in terms of equity. The authors suggest that researchshould focus not only on the level of maternal care used but also on the most disadvantaged members of the population.

Let us know what you think of this review!



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