FREE study: Online registry of knowledge translation methods and tools

As part of our special section on Knowledge Synthesis, Translation and Exchange, we recently published a study entitled “Online registry of knowledge translation methods and tools to support evidence-informed public health”. The study is available for free download (pdf and html) and is written by Leslea Peirson, Cristina Catallo and Sunita Chera from Canada.

The authors describe the development of a globally accessible online Registry of Knowledge Translation Methods and Tools from the National Collaborative Centre for Methods and Tools, in order to support evidence-informed public health. Strategies and resources that help decision makers access and utilise research evidence are crucial; at the same time, Public Health workforce generally lacks the skills and resources to use research evidence. Therefore, a searchable and easily accessible online registry could prove to be especially useful in translating knowledge.

To build this registry, the authors screened 43,000 citations and finally included 140 citations were included. All this is hosted in an interactive website that includes a searchable database. So far, the registry had almost 33,000 visitors from 190 countries. The registry was evaluated by 286 surveys and 19 interviews that indicated that the registry is valued and useful, but would benefit from a more intuitive indexing system and refinements to the summaries.


Do you think the existence of such registries is useful? Have you used the one mentioned above? What kind of information would you like to have in such registry?



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