New Editorial: Disgrace at EU’s external borders and the role of Public Health professionals

Boat planks in a church in Noto/ Sicily, April 2015 (photo by Oliver Razum)

Ten days ago, while much of the news -at least in Europe- were occupied by the birth of a princess, other news also emerged: almost 7,000 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean. Seven thousand people in a weekend. This came shortly after almost 1,500 estimated people died in April alone, while attempting to reach Europe. Crying over the tragedy is not enough and voices have been raised for the need for something to be really done.

In this spirit, we just published an Editorial by  Oliver Razum and Kayvan Bozorgmehr, looking at the issue with a focus on public health. You can read it here (like all our Editorials, it is open access).

Please let us know what you think. What is/ should be the role of public health professionals in this ongoing situation?


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