Bringing Public Health research and practice closer: Public Health Training Center to be established at Yale!


It seems that the International Journal of Public Health is not alone in its endavour to bridge the gap between Public Health Reseach and Practice! Yale has just announced that establishment of a Public Health Training Center at the Yale School of Public Health! It is great to see that the need for exchange between research and practice is more and more recognised and that steps are made in order to achieve results!

Are you aware of any similar efforts in your town or country? What do you, as an individual public health researcher or professional do in order to bring together research and practice?

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Ahmed Syed

In the UK the importance of the need to bridge the gap between research and practice is being recognised. My current post as a public health specialist (clinical evidence) at a public health department requires me to bring together research knowledge to support decisions.

At a European level I am also involved in working to bridge the gap and the European Commission has funded for a research project aiming to do exactly this…..visit

James Andrey

The program will significantly augment existing public health workforce training and is expected to reach hundreds of practicing public health professionals in local and state governmental agencies, and community health organizations.

James Andrey