BioMed Central Content Added to AuthorMapper

BioMed Central , the world’s largest open access publisher, with over 200 peer-reviewed journals, has  now added data for its 60,000+ published articles to

The inclusion of BioMed Central’s articles makes it possible to demonstrate the spread of open access publishing both geographically and across disciplines.

In addition to the previous functionality to filter by Open Access articles, you can also filter by specific publisher when conducting a search.

Publishers interested in including their STM metadata on AuthorMapper and/or in Exemplar should contact:

Image thumbnails and Citeulike support added

I know it doesn’t look like it from the blog, but we’ve actually been hard at work on developing improvements to AuthorMapper for the past few months. We’ve primarily been working on adding support for more content from other publishers, but two things that we were able to get out the door in a release yesterday were:

  1. Adding a “Post to Citeulike” button next to the “Download article” button
  2. Adding thumbnails of images from articles

The “Post to Citeulike” provides one-click importing of the bibliographic data from the article in the AuthorMapper search results. When you click on the button Citeulike … Continue Reading

AuthorMap Widgets

We’ve just recently launched a new feature on the AuthorMapper: widgets.

Similar to how you embed a YouTube video or Google Map on your blog of Facebook page, AuthorMapper now allows you to embed an author map for any performed search. This feature is available by clicking on the “Embed” link (at the bottom right of the map) after a search has been performed.

Where you click to get your widget code

Where you click to get your widget code

The AuthorMapper widget is delivered in an Iframe, which is completely … Continue Reading

Welcome to the AuthorMapper blog

Welcome to the official blog of We’ll be using this blog to inform you about new developments with the AuthorMapper platform as well as gather all of your good ideas and feedback.

We’re just at the beginning of how geo-locative services can add value to scientific publishing, and we’re looking forward to taking AuthorMapper in entirely new directions (as long as they are ultimately useful destinations for the scientific community).

The goal of AuthorMapper is to provide a powerful knowledge discovery tool for the entire STM research community across discipline and scientific publishers. If you are an STM publisher and are … Continue Reading

New search filter added

We’ve added a new filter that allows you view only open access articles. To take advantage of this option while performing a search, select “Show all options” in the Search column, scroll down to the “Open Access articles only” check box, and select it. The search results will only display the OA articles relevant to your search terms.